Southwest vs United Airlines: Which one is better?

Destinations It is typically a good idea to be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of each airline that flies to your destinations before choosing one to use for your next trip. Southwest Airlines and United Airlines have consistently been listed among the top 10 most reliable airlines, or the best airlines to travel with. This article contrasts Southwest vs United Airlines and goes into detail on the range of amenities and services offered by both airlines due to the huge and subtle variations between the two.

United Airlines:

United Airlines opened its doors to passengers in 1937. With its corporate headquarters located in Texas, it gradually increased in size to become one of the biggest US airlines. Following its merger with Continental Airlines in 2010, it is now the third-largest airline in the world in terms of fleet size and number of routes.

United has partnerships with close to 30 airlines, roughly 20 of which are members of Star Alliance. Some of the main partners include Air Canada, All Nippon Airways, Hawaiian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, Singapore, Swiss, and Thai Airways.

Southwest Airlines:

Southwest Airlines is the world's largest low-cost carrier and one of the major airlines operating in the Southwest United States.Southwest Airlines' corporate headquarters are in Dallas, Texas, and the airline serves over 121 destinations throughout the Southwest United States as well as in 10 other nations. In terms of domestic passengers, it surpassed the previous record set in 2018.

Now let's compare Southwest Airlines and United Airlines side by side.

In-flight experience: Southwest vs United Airlines

United Airlines provides its clients with a selection of movies and other programmes in addition to 16-inch high-definition private screenings as a result of its relationships with HBO, Vevo, and other entertainment sources. They don't offer as much entertainment as Southwest Airlines' upright, free, and more pricey systems, though.

The Inflight Entertainment Portal on your device provides free access to movies, live and on-demand TV, Southwest Airlines flight information, messaging via iMessage and WhatsApp, and music via iHeartRadio on reservations with Southwest Airlines. There is no requirement for the apps to be downloaded or registered. Additionally, an internet connection is offered for USD 8 per device, per day.

Southwest vs United Airlines' frequent flyer competition consequently favours United Airlines over Southwest.

United Airlines MileagePlus Loyalty Program.

Utilizing MileagePlus miles to purchase United flights might be costly. For instance, a recent search turned up nonstop flights in the economy for 15,000 United Miles each way from Los Angeles to Chicago in late August. The cost of one stop on the same journey is 12,500 United States miles.

Point transfers make it easier to combine points from different accounts or family members when booking an award. Also, with United MileagePlus, the miles accrued never expire.

Southwest Miles loyalty programme

Southwest customers can also accrue points. For every flight you book, you can earn Rapid Rewards Points, an airline mile program.

You can accumulate points by making purchases from the retail partners of Southwest. There are no ban dates or expiration dates for the points you earn.

Southwest also provides a travel credit card. Passengers can earn up to USD 40,000 in points and get three times as many points for every dollar spent on food.

The airline's two available credit card options for miles are Rapid Rewards Plus and Rapid Rewards Priority.

United Airlines has won this round of Southwest vs United Airlines as a result.

FAQs about Southwest Airlines vs United Airlines

Southwest or United, which is better?

Southwest is renowned for having the greatest customer service among low-cost airlines, yet the majority of its flights are to and from destinations in North America and the Caribbean. United Airlines, one of the major airlines in the world, offers customers the calibre of service they deserve for the price they pay.

What distinguishes United Airlines from Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines and United Airlines are fundamentally different from one another in that the former flies to more domestic U.S. locations while the latter flies to more foreign locations.

Are Southwest Airlines' seats larger than those on United?

Southwest Airlines flights have greater legroom than United Airlines planes do. Therefore, you ought to think about using Southwest as your airline if it is your top priority.

Who is Southwest's principal rival?

As Southwest Airlines improves its amenities to make things more comfortable for passengers, United Airlines, which comes in second, is its largest rival.

What doesn't Southwest provide?

Southwest Airlines does not have a seat assignment system, unlike United Airlines or any other significant US-based carrier.

Is Southwest less expensive than United?

In our Southwest VS United comparison, we chose Southwest Airlines because it is the less expensive option.

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