Los Angeles Vacation Packages

A trip to the City of Angels can offer every bit of glamor, glitz, and gorgeousness with its numerous magnetic attractions. Los Angeles vacation packages open doors to a marvelous place with unrivaled energy that you can easily sense the moment you land here. From Huntington Library to the ever-renowned Universal Studios, from Venice Beach to the Downtown, you are guaranteed to get an unforgettable experience here. Enjoy the picturesque landscape from the fabulous J. Paul Getty Museum, have a barbecue in Koreatown, and many other things. And when you have us, you will get Los Angeles vacation packages at a pocket-friendly price as well.

If these sounds alluring to you then you should leave the plans to FlycoNumber who will provide you with the best Los Angeles vacation packages. And you will only have to worry about your itinerary and what to stuff your luggage with. You can call us at +1-866-579-8033. For Oman Air manage booking services.

Why should you book Los Angeles vacation packages?

The number of options you will have on delicacies, sites to visit, and events to attend, and may make it overwhelming. So, it is advised that you make your itinerary in a way to not cross out all the sites, but only the most valuable ones (which could also be a lot) and book your Los Angeles vacation packages that save your time to focus your time and efforts in preparing for the trip’s itinerary. With its adventurous theme parks, glamorous nightlife, white sandy beaches, and laid-back culture, you always have a great time in your Californian getaway.

Major Attractions

When you will arrive at the hotels that are included with some Los Angeles vacation packages then you may not even want to get out of your hotels as they are so luxurious and comfortable, but once your taste the scenic beauty of the vibrant Venice Beach, it will hard for your hotel room to notice you inside.  The Santa Monica Pier offers you amazing beaches and mouthwatering delicacies. Meanwhile, for the surfers, Malibu Beach can be a haven. And since you are in LA, it would be a shame if you do not visit Hollywood and the Walk of Fame that honors notary public figures. Heading to Hollywood Boulevard will increase your chances to see real celebrities. Whereas, if you are a fashion enthusiast, you can pay a visit to Rodeo Drive which has numerous shopping options of top-notch brands. And on Rodeo Drive, from Wilshire Boulevard to South Santa Monica Boulevard you get to see the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style that honors notary figures like Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace, Mario Testino, and many more.

Festivals and Events

While looking for Los Angeles vacation packages, notable festivals and events in LA are almost innumerable which are enjoyable and downright incredible, following are a few of the most notable ones:

In March there is the Los Angeles Marathon, in June you have the LA Gay Pride, celebrations of the Independence Day in July, August sees Nisei Week Japanese Festival, in September we have the LA County Fair and Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) that is hosted either at the end of October or at the beginning of November.

With FlycoNumber you get the opportunity of finding cheap Los Angeles vacation packages with just a few clicks. An eclectic range of deals, discounts on accommodations, and flights make your trip to the City of Angels a hassle-free one.

Attractive Activities in Los Angeles

Be it a family vacation, a solo adventure, or a romantic getaway with your partner, Los Angeles vacation packages are sure to widen your horizons, with new experiences and lifelong memories. We have several suggestions for you on your trip that can enhance your vacation fun.

On your Los Angeles vacation:

  • Get yourself a private surfing lesson, it always will be an incredible experience.
  • A USA Gateway Helicopter Tour that will give you the sights that only the birds soaring high in the sky get to see.
  • A Helicopter Tour that guides you to selected celebrity homes.
  • Outdoor rock climbing in Los Angeles for the adrenaline rush you wish to feel
  • Get on a Scavenger Hunt Adventure in Downtown

Often underestimating Los Angeles’ vast city sprawl, people make the mistake of getting costlier accommodations. An unwritten rule that could save a couple more of your bucks is that the closer your accommodation is to the ocean, the costlier the hotel will be.

When should you book Los Angeles vacation packages?

Due to geographical reasons, the weather in Los Angeles is temperate all year round. Now the best time to visit LA would fall in the Spring and Summer season when all the cultural events start picking up, which includes the renowned “Coachella” music festival and Pasadena’s “Rose Festival Parade”.

Month-to-month insight for your Los Angeles vacation packages

From March to May:

During these months you can see fewer crowds and pleasant temperatures, hence, it can be a great time for you to book Los Angeles vacation packages. Temperatures average out in the mid-70s with no humming from the winter’s prevalent rains and no screams from the summer’s overwhelming sweat-breaking heatwaves. Moreover, you are more likely to get discounted flights and hotel rooms.

Vital events occurring in these months:

  • LA Marathon (in March)
  • LA Times Festival of Books (in April)
  • LA Fiesta Broadway (in April)
  • LA Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire (between April to May)
  • LA Jazz Reggae Festival (May)

From June to August:

This is the peak season when tourists crowd the streets of LA. But should be noted that this season sees high temperatures, heavy smog levels, and higher accommodation rates. However, this season has numerous fun festivals and an energetic aura.

Vital events occurring in these months:

  • LA Gay Pride (in June)
  • LA Outfest (in July)
  • Nisei Week Japanese Festival (in August)

From September to November:

In the Autumn season, cooling weather and dispersing crowds make it up for a more enjoyable LA vacation. And if you book your Los Angeles vacation packages a few weeks in advance then you may increase your chances of getting discounts and deals.

Vital events occurring in these months:

  • LA County Fair (in September)
  • Emmy Awards (in September)
  • Abbot Kinney Festival (in September)
  • DTLA Film Festival (in October)
  • Dia de los Muertos Festival (October end)
  • LA Auto Show (in November)

From December to February

These months see rainfall more but you should not miss out on a winter trip to LA for that reason. You can get the opportunity to avail yourself of airfare and hotel rooms at a discounted price. And the temperature is not as cold as experienced in Boston or New York.

Vital events occurring in these months:

  • Hollywood Christmas Parade (in December)
  • Golden Globe Awards (in January)
  • Grammy Awards (in January or February)
  • LA Art Show (in February)
  • Chinese New Year and Golden Dragon Parade (in February)
  • Academy Awards (in February)

Where should you stay with your Los Angeles vacation packages?

For any Los Angeles vacation packages:

You can select the Millenium Biltmore situated in east Los Angeles that offers luxury and comfort along with easy accessibility to downtown public transport. When you book here, you get an airport shuttle that takes you from the LA Intl Airport to here.

Then you have the Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica which will give you the sense that you are in a Wes Anderson movie with a kaleidoscopic stage that is just a few steps away from the downtown pier. Avoid the notoriously infamous LA traffic by booking an Uber, taxi, or Lyft from the nearby LAX airport.

For family Los Angeles vacation packages:

An outdoor pool, on-site restaurant, and luxurious rooms all seamlessly blend at the Sheraton Getaway Hotel. With being situated on the grounds of LAX Airport, it is easy to take a complimentary shuttle to the terminal. This convenience makes it a perfect selection for your family trip.

If your family and you would love to be in the vicinity of Universal Studios then you can check in at the Hilton Los Angeles in Universal City which puts you right at the entrance of Universal Studios Park. Being an internationally recognized hotel brand, you can expect nothing less than world-class customer service. Apart from getting airport shuttles with your Los Angeles vacation packages, you can also get complimentary transport to the nearby park.

For romantic Los Angeles vacation packages:

Offering elegant décor, evening shows, gourmet dining from the finest chefs, and a lovely atmosphere, your stay in the iconic Queen Mary in Long Beach can be the perfect getaway for you and your partner. You get convenient transport from Long Beach Airport to the Queen Mary via pre-arranged shuttle bus when you book your Los Angeles vacation packages that include this stay.

Next up, we have the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows which is situated ideally next to the Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach. Would you need any more elaboration as to why you should stay here on your vacation!

For luxury Los Angeles vacation packages:

If money is not the matter on your trip and you would like to have a lavish vacation stay, you can choose to stay at the Langham Huntington in Pasadena which offers state-of-the-art grandeur rooms, and luxurious spas, with the backdrop of the San Gabriel mountains. When you book your stay here, it is optimal to rent a car to transport you between LA Intl Airport and Langham Huntington.

Then we have the deluxe Ritz Carlton in downtown Los Angeles that offers multiple luxurious amenities including a picturesque view of the city from the rooftop pool. And you can easily transport from the airport to downtown via taxi or the shuttle service.

For budget-friendly Los Angeles vacation packages:

Offering European-style décor, the Ayres Hotel Manhattan Beach is conveniently situated next to LA Intl Airport. Along with pocket-friendly hotel rooms, you can easily take a taxi, Uber, or Lyft to the Ayres Hotel in Hawthorne.

Then we have, Hyatt House Cyprus Anaheim which is situated near many of the LA theme parks including Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, and California Adventure. When you book your stay here, you can take the rental cars for the easiest transport between the airport and other attractions.

Getting around after booking Los Angeles vacation packages

After reserving your Los Angeles vacation packages, you must know how to get around the city. What mode of transport could be the best for you. Now, it is observed that rental cars in Los Angeles are comparatively cheaper and almost all major rental car companies have offices at popular hotels and airports. Just book in advance, and find out if your vacation package can include it or not. However, you should be aware of the ravenous rush hour traffic from 7 to 9 AM and 3 to 7 PM. To make most of your time in LA, it would be best if you spend most of the time of the day in a specific place to minimize traveling.

A miscellaneous tip: Navigating through GPS can save a lot of time that can tell you about the traffic and the best routes to your destinations.

You can also opt for the Los Angeles Metro which is affordable, relatively convenient and provides most of Los Angeles County and its top attractions. The public transit system includes Metro Rail Trains, Metro Buses, and DASH Buses.

We suggest that you purchase reusable TAP cards to ride these buses, trains, and subways. You can get them at TAP machines located at subway or bus stations.

The next option you can take is hiring a cab. Although you can find it difficult to get a cab outside of major attractions, you can download the app called “curb” which works similarly to Uber. They are typically metered and charged by the distance traveled. You can also use Uber or Lyft to get around.

Keep in mind the infamous traffic that may use up your vacation time behind the wheels, inside the cars.

FAQs About Los Angeles vacation packages

Which airlines can I choose with my Los Angeles vacation packages?
There are several airlines that you can choose from, the most common ones are American Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Azul Airlines.

What is the distance between Los Angeles Airport and central Los Angeles?
The distance between Los Angeles city center and Los Angeles Airport is 9 miles.

What is the code of Los Angeles’s airport?
All the flights land at Los Angeles Airport when they are coming to LA. The airport code is LAX.

What is the best way to book cheap Los Angeles vacation packages?
The best way to book the cheapest Los Angeles vacation packages is to make reservations in the off-peak season. Booking all-inclusive vacation packages can save your money and hassle. And with FlycoNumber, you can check out all the available Los Angeles vacation packages and you can weigh and compare it yourself. By this method, you can choose which package is the most suitable for you.

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