Privacy Policy

The privacy policy sets out how Flyconumber incorporates in the United States and the United States of America and protects the privacy of your personal information.

We know that privacy plays an important role. We are committed to your privacy and protecting your personal information.

1 What information do we collect and why?

We as travel agents need to collect, use and disclose, personal information to perform our duties. Making and managing customer bookings on behalf of our customers. During our relationship with the customer, we may collect the following data:

  • Personal and contact details, such as title, first name, last name, contact detail (address, telephone and email)
  • Passport number, date of birth and nationality
  • Payment information, card number, security number, expiration date and cardholder name.
  • Information provided like email. It will be used to let you up to date about all the latest offers and products.
  • Call recordings calls are recorded for quality control and staffing
  • Social media, you will be bound to social media policies of the respective social media company if you are interacting with us through social media websites,
  • IP address and cookies while you access our website, our servers may record your data regarding the device and the network used to connect to us. Including your IP address.

2. How do we collect this information?

We use to collect your data during the relationship with us, the data you use to submit during the relationship with us. The data mentioned above can be collected through the following source.

  • The information generated about you during inquiries about a flight on our website, connection via phone or email and website during the travel arrangement.
  • When you speak to our customer support team
  • When you purchase a ticket from us.

We need to collect information from a third party when someone booked a ticket on behalf of his family member.

3. What’s your personal data used for and what’s the lawful basis of doing so?

3.1 Contractual

  • To perform the duties of a travel agent, you must give information. Otherwise, we will be unable to book your tickets.
  • Personal and contact detail for completing your booking you make on our website. Same as Passport number, Payment information, date of birth etc.

3.2 Contractual

In a specific situation, we collect your data with your consent. In case you tick box the consent to receive an email newsletter, your data may be used.

4. To whom do we share your data?

Your data is shared with the following entities:

  • An individual making a third-party reservation on your behalf
  • Third parties providing services on our behalf, like credit card processing, business analytics and fraud prevention.
  • As required by the authorized law and to comply with our legal obligation.

5. For what period we can keep your data in our file?

  • Your data will be kept to us until it’s necessary, for only the purpose it was taken.
  • To protect ourselves from any contractual claim. Generally, we keep it for 6 years.
  • Records have been kept under the regulations by the law.

6. Your Rights

You have the right to

  • To confirm with us that we are processing your information
  • To allow us to access your data that is kept to us
  • Request that your consent is removed.
  • Ask for an amendment if the information given by us isn’t accurate.

7. How to connect with us?

If you have any issue related to privacy policy(Purchase or travel planning) kindly contact us at :

Email: Email for general Enquiry: info@

Call: Get in touch with our customer care regarding any queries related to your travel, cancellation and refund by calling us at freephone number:+1-866-579-8033.

If you have any suggestions and feedback for us, please drop a mail Head office: 5384 N valentine Ave Apt 202, Fresno CA 93711 United States